Thursday, March 19, 2009

Life as a recessionista isn't so bad at all!!

I have the heart and soul of a fashionista but the wallet of a recessionista. Depressing? A little maybe. It got to me for a while until I realised there is fabulous style and beauty out there to suit all budgets, you just need to open your eyes and know how to work it.

Shopping is my therapy, shopping is my cardio exercise, shopping is balm for my broken heart. Dresses, jeans, handbags, I just can’t get enough of them – and don’t even get me started on shoes! The thing is, these days, none of them have to be (or can be) expensive and I get as much of a kick out of buying them, wearing them and, most of all, getting complimented on them. You see that is the funny thing, I know many people who would be horrified to know the entire cost of my outfit today comes to barely seventy euros including gorgeous handbag but if they set foot in the shops I do they would know style can come at any cost. Some of the most comfortable, not to mention cutest, ballet flats I own cost a massive six euros – I ended up buying four pairs in different colours! I would say mix and match from different shops, it really makes a difference to making an outfit look more expensive and accessorise, accessorise, accessorise. Shopping in the main chain stores will mean others inevitably have the same clothes as you so accessorising is what will make you look individual and set you apart from the crowd as having your own personal style. You can pick up great stuff for bargain prices these days and it will make all the difference to your look.

Similarly with beauty, you don’t have to win the lotto to look good (although I am going to keep trying!) My sister calls me the queen of lotions and potions because I love trying new foundations, glosses, shadows, you name it. I couldn’t afford to do that with premium brands but joyfully do it with the more mainstream ones. This morning I was struggling to function normally before work and so had a “natural, matte, no effort, no maintenance” vibe going on. Roll on the long-lasting, 16 hour foundation, gorgeous chocolate flavoured lip-gloss and a teeny bit of pink blusher. Come Saturday though I’ll be glamming it up with the dewy foundation that somehow makes me look like I have slept for a week, the indispensable Barry M pigments that add endless options to my make-up box (yes, box, not bag!!) and the super-duper Masterpiece mascara that makes my eyes give Bambi a run for her money! Ah, the endless options, the endless looks - and all for a few quid.
Life as a recessionista isn’t so bad at all!


  1. Wow, Jules, didn't know you were so good at writing. Well done, its so well written. Im nearly running out the door to the Pavilions for abit of retail therapy! Can't wait for the next instalment!

  2. Jules,

    You are so brilliant at this! wow! keeo them coming girl! And as for the lotions and potions - I remember the hours spent every Saturday in the Body Shop on Grafton Street with you!! Well done chick. dying for thenext instalment xxxxx