Monday, April 6, 2009

Eyes opened by little luxuries...

My name is Jules and I am a shopaholic. I admit it. I shop when I am happy and I shop when I am sad. I shop when I am doing ok money-wise (an ever-rarer occurence these days!) and I shop when I know I shouldn't but I just can't resist that gorgeous new pink handbag (even if it means just pasta for dinner five days in a row until pay day!) Nothing gives me a thrill like the ring of the till!! Sadly, in these tough times the good feeling is ever more quickly replaced by feelings of guilt and worry though. Fashion might be my passion but a girl has got to keep a roof over her head so the bills have to be paid. Mr. Mortgage comes knocking once a month and he really doesn't care how fabulous my new Mary Janes look with my skinny jeans. He's really very inconsiderate and has absolutely no fashion savvy!

Yes, in these recessionary times my financial reality bites. I want to look and feel fashionable, fabulous and funky but on my new budget I have had to make major changes and have unwittingly become part of a new phenomenon known as the "lipstick factor". In tough times like now sales of small luxuries like lipsticks and nail polishes soar. People on limited budgets still want to treat themselves, still want to look good and, like me, still love the thrill of the till. But where once fabulous new shoes made us walk tall - literally and in spirit - now we are relying on a slick of new lippie or an at home manicure to boost our mood. Only in my worst of financial weeks could I feel guilty for spending seven euros on the Rimmel products I am so fond of. They are cheap and cheerful and I love the vast range of colours and products you can choose from. My sister calls me to queen of lotions and potions for my love of face and body products and Rimmel prices allow me indulge this passion even in my present capacity as a recessionista. The range of nail polishes is unbelievable and I love their new PRO selection. The style of brush means you need just one stroke per nail which means no clumping. I've treated myself to three colours already and the "Urban Purple" is a gorgeous raspberry which is ideal for this transitional time of year. They are little pick-me-ups that keep this shopaholic going!

When I first had to reign in my spending I thought my style would become restricted but in fact being strapped for cash has forced me to be more imaginative and opened my eyes to new possibilities. I have invested in new colour options in make up and ended up with a new found confidence. I love red lips now, something I never thought I would be brave enough to try but I took the risk and now love them! Also, since I can rarely afford my beloved shoes, bags or jeans these days I have discovered the joy of accessorising. A simple brightly coloured scarf - a fiver from Penneys - can lift a whole outfit out of the doldrums of being too plain and instantly add some funkiness to it.

I never thought I'd see the day but I am quite enjoying this challenge of looking good on a supertight budget. I really value what I do buy and I can relax (in my red lippie, polish and lovely scarves) knowing that when Mr. Mortgage comes knocking each month my bank account will be able to welcome him in!


  1. Hi Jules.. love the blog and you must include more details - especially of the ebay seller that you bought your pashmina from so I can go get myself one!! Do share...