Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Male Style Impresses....Finally!!

When it comes to fashion I have been despairing of men in Dublin for quite a while now. So many seem to think throwing on any old t-shirt constitutes making an effort and, sorry boys, but unless you are called George or Brad and live in LA, this just doesn’t cut the mustard. Your style speaks of who you are and making an effort shows you care – about yourself and, if meeting a girl, it shows you care enough about her to make an effort too.

So it was with delight that I found a veritable style-bubble last weekend. I gate-crashed a friend of a friend’s birthday in McSorley’s in Ranelagh. I hadn’t been there in about 10 years and didn’t know what to expect but, me being me, got dressed up anyway! I wore a black body-con skirt with built in studded belt and black v-neck vest with my shoe-boots. I matched the look with a smokey eye and felt pretty good, which is something I don’t find easy heading into a big group of people a lot of whom I don’t know.

Of course the group I was meeting were all lovely and incredibly friendly as it turned out. I had a fab night and loads of fun. But the blogger and fashionista in me couldn’t help but notice the men all around me. Maybe I haven’t opened my eyes before but this place was full of stylish men. My own group were fine examples of men who had made a bit of effort. None of them were tragically trendy or over-styled but they had all made the best of themselves and looked really good. Simple, stylish shirts, fashionable (not tatty / ill-fitting / or beyond repair) jeans, quality belts and decent shoes. It really isn’t too difficult an equation, is it boys? The birthday boy led the way in the style stakes in my humble opinion, looking really good. He had on a simple white shirt and jeans and looked fab. It just shows simplicity is often the key to great style.

The style stakes were high beyond just my group of friends though. It seemed to me that everywhere I looked guys had made a real effort to look their best and I was impressed. Some of the looks were a bit D4 for my taste but each to their own. Deck shoes just aren’t for me, but whatever floats your boat, pardon the pun!!

Female fashionistas were everywhere too with lots of super-dressy girls parading around. The fact that a few of the Leinster squad were drinking there only added to that of course! Being a soccer and GAA girl I was pretty oblivious to their presence until they were pointed out to me and then the gaggle of giggly girls around them suddenly made sense!! Nonetheless, I spotted a few fabulous dresses including the Warehouse red, black and white leopard print one I’ve had my eye on for weeks. I have to say though that I felt the vibe in the place meant you could wear whatever you fancied and fit in. There were guys in t-shirts but not ones that looked they had been lived in for a week, unlike some places I’ve been recently!

So girls, if you are single and looking for a stylish man, I may have the place for you to go! And boys, trust me, just a little effort goes a really long way!